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Summer School 2021

On the 19th July 2021 we welcomed 60 future year 7 pupils for our annual Summer School. Pupils came from a variety of primary schools and the aim was to introduce pupils to the school, staff and some of the activities on offer at OLCHS.

On Monday, the pupils took part in Team Building activities and worked in groups to create their team rules for the week. They then created their own Olympic stadium and calculated the costs involved in building and opening their park. After refuelling at lunch they had a literacy session on Myths and Legends where they created their own poem using similes.

On Tuesday we ran 3 sessions. The numeracy session was Fibonacci sequences where pupils created their own Fibonacci spirals. They then made mosaics and had a singing and dancing session where they created their own national anthem and flamenco dance.

On Wednesday pupils learnt about pyramids and worked in groups to see who could build the tallest giant tetrahedron. They learnt about tribal masks and created their own. They were also given a tour of the school.

On Thursday pupils did a treasure hunt around school completing maths puzzles. They did science experiments in one of the labs and had a session where they could play golf or bench ball.

On Friday we wrote recipes and calculated the proportion of ingredients needed and then we made our own pizza.

We finished every day in prayer with a reflection in our chapel or arts theatre on four themes: community, empathy, understanding and giving thanks.

The week ended with a celebration assembly where we showcased our artwork and presented our national anthems to families and friends.

The total cost of running the Summer School was as follows:

Type of ExpenditureCost £

This was funded through parental donations and the Government’s Summer School Programme funding.