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Year 6 Information

Welcome to your year 6 transition page, this is where you will find all information you will need to make your transition to high school as smooth as possible, please let us know you are here by completing this form 



Maths Booklet 

Literacy Booklet 


Year 7 pupil transition brochure UPDATE COMING SOON

Information for parents about behaviour for Learning Here

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Mental Health Support

Over the past few years our school has worked with a local expert on Mental Health Support for young people ‘Sam Tyrer’. Sam is the founder of a mental health organisation called ‘Change Talks’ and now works for the NHS. One of his recent projects to help support mental health in lockdown has been to produce a series called ‘Mental Health Family Hour’. One of the programmes which we would encourage parents to watch is a bonus episode called ‘Year 6 Special’. It gives good common sense advice for all of us on how to talk to our children about moving up to secondary school.
Here is the link :