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There are two school buses, several service buses and a number of taxi/minbus services available to help pupils travel to and from Our Lady’s.

School Buses

  • 695 –  0758 Lea Town Smiths Arms – Our Lady’s Catholic High School

(0848) via Clifton (0802), Newton Scales (0808), Lea (0820), Savick Way (0830) & Ashton Lane Ends (0838)

  • 651 – 0750 Cabus Junction A6/Green Lane – Our Lady’s Catholic High School

RCHS (0850) via Garstang Bus Stand (0755), Bilsborrow Roebuck (0807), Broughton Post Office (0820) & Fulwood Black Bull (0830)

  • 676  – 0744 Longridge PO – Our Lady’s Catholic High School

(0845) via Cumeragh Village (0757), Broughton (0817) & Catforth (0830)

Service Buses

  • 23 – used to travel from the Asda Fulwood area to Black Bull Lane and from the Bus Station along Plungington Road to Black Bull Lane. 
  • 35 – used to and from the bus station and Tanterton via Fylde Road, Woodplumpton Road and Tag Lane.
  • 44 – used to and from the bus station and Ingol via Tag Lane and Lane Ends.
  • 88 – service is used by many OLCHS pupils to travel to and from school from the Ashton area. This sets down and pick up at the end of St Anthony’s Drive where there is a crossing person to see pupils safely across Cadley Causeway.

Staying Late

For those pupils who live on routes out to Garstang and Goosnargh not served by a service bus and who stay late for extra-curricular activities, a subsidised taxi service, bookable in school each day, is available at a cost of £2.

Pupils living more than 3 miles away from school.

To ensure that the families of those pupils who live more than 3 miles away from school are not financially disadvantaged we offer financial assistance.

To qualify pupils must have attended one of our feeder primary schools and live outside of the Preston boundary with distance travelled, from home to school, exceeding 3 miles.  Any financial assistance provided will be at the discretion of the Governing Body.

Contributions will be calculated based on the difference between the cost of your bus pass and that of a bus pass for travelling up to 3 miles with the amount awarded being a maximum of 50% of the additional cost.  Please see the example below:

  • e.g. Cost of a bus pass for travelling up to 3 miles = £300.00
  • Cost of a bus pass for travelling between 3 and 8 miles = £500.00
  • Maximum Governor’s contribution would therefore be £100.00

Our contribution towards travel costs will be paid by cheque made payable to the parent/carer. If you wish to make a claim please contact the school.