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School Day

Structure of the School Week

Set out below is an explanation of the structure of the school week.

Standard Day
Registration8.55-9.1520 min
Period 19.15-10.1560 min
Period 210.15-11.1560 min
Break11.15-11.3015 min
Period 311.30-12.3060 min
Period 412.30-1.3060 min
Lunch1.30-2.0030 min
Period 52.00-3.0060 min
Shortened Day (Tuesday ONLY)
Registration8.55-9.1015 min
Period 19.10-10.0555 min
Period 210.05-11.0055 min
Break11.00-11.1515 min
Period 311.15-12.1055 min
Period 412.10-1.0555 min
Lunch1.05-1.3530 min
Period 51.35-2.3055 min

Buses will take pupils home at 2.30 on Tuesday ONLY

Following a written request from parents, a pupil is able to stay at school until 3.30pm to complete homework or use our IT facilities. Responsibility for getting home rests with parents. For children who live North of Preston, school will provide a service at 5.00 pm each day, by prior arrangement (there will be a nominal charge for this service).

Before the start of the school day:

While the school Yard is available for pupils to play football and basketball from 8.00am, parents and carers must understand that this is not a supervised or organised activity. The Restaurant is open for breakfast from 8.15am and the catering staff will alert should assistance be needed. A member of senior staff will be present in the Restaurant from 8.30am. Pupils enter the school building from 8.45am and wait outside their Form Classroom. All mobile phones or communication devices must be switched off and be placed out of sight when pupils enter the building at 8.45am.

All of our school rules and expectations of behaviour apply to all of our pupils when on our school site, regardless of the time of day. When unsupervised and in uniform but outside of the school day, or while on educational visits, pupils still represent our school and our expectations of excellent conduct remain in place. The support of families for such expectations is valued greatly.