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Governors Careers Statement

We are fully committed to ensuring that our careers programme is a coordinated and informed effort involving governors and staff, where together we can develop an excellent careers approach based around national guidance and research.

Statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff published by the Department for Education in October 2018, stated that the governing body should:

  • provide clear advice and guidance on which he/she can base a strategy for careers education and guidance which meets the school’s legal requirements, is developed in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks and informed by the requirements set out in this document.
  • include a member who takes a strategic interest in careers education and guidance and encourages employer engagement.
  • make sure that arrangements are in place to allow a range of education and training providers to access all pupils in years 8-11 to inform them about approved technical education qualifications and apprenticeships, and that a policy statement setting out these arrangements is published.

The lead governor for careers is:

Mr Mark Murray

Chair Staffing & Curriculum


Relevant literature:



Latest information:

Building Confidence, Encouraging Aspiration – OFSTED June 2018