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Gatsby Benchmark One: A Stable Careers Programme

“The first rung in building a structured career ladder for all students comes from strong leadership and a committed senior management team.”

(Good Career Guidance-The Gatsby Foundation)

  • The governors, head teacher and senior leadership team (including the careers leader, Mr Nelson) are fully committed to providing the very best possible CEIAG possible for every student within the school.
  • We aspire to gain formal accreditation of our careers programme through the Quality in Careers Standard – the national quality award for careers education, information, advice and guidance by 2020.
  • The comprehensive careers section of our school website is broken into accessible sections that are specifically designed to provide the greatest benefit for our governors, teachers, pupils, parents and employers.
  • An overview of our careers programme is easily accessible from the careers home page and further detail of how we meet each benchmark is provided by clicking on each of the Gatsby Benchmark descriptors.
  • We keep governors and teachers informed of the latest careers literature and developments via the website and host CPD sessions specifically linked to CEIAG.
  • We work alongside INSPIRA and careers leaders across Preston and South Ribble to continuously seek ways to improve our practice.
  • We conduct a full evaluation of our careers programme yearly.  This evaluation is informed by feedback from pupils, parents, teachers and employers as well as our pupil destination data and compass self-evaluation.  You can access this by clicking on ‘Evaluating Impact’ at the bottom of our careers home page.