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Guidance Interviews: Case Study

“I feel like the guidance has enlightened me to the opportunities that will best suit my capability and the extra information has helped me to narrow down what I feel is best for me”.  Year 11 Pupil

This Year 11 pupil was invited to attend to come and meet with me.  The school had noted her as EAL. The student wanted to use part of the time to consider potential subject choices for college. We also agreed to explore any career ideas the student had, the pathways open to school leavers at 16 and 18 and check out current subjects and target grades.  The student has high target grades.

She had already decided to study at Newman College. She had attended the taster day there in Year 10, was familiar with the college and aware that they get good A level results.  She wanted to study A levels.

We went on to explore her current ideas and reasons behind subject choices.

Because of her high target grades, I mentioned the advice given by the Russell Group of universities on A level subject choices.  Her three current ideas did not include any of their ‘facilitating’ subjects.  She has a particular high target for English GCSE that she may wish to consider too.

We researched the entry requirements (subjects and grades) for law at Manchester and Leeds Universities; two of the Russell Group universities,  and I encouraged her to continue looking at some more; particularly for oversubscribed law degree courses, and notice if her subject ideas are considered acceptable.  We were able to find out high entry requirements

The student has some interest in legal careers.  I explained studying law as an A level would give insights into the profession and is a good subject to consider, though it is not necessary for entry to law degree subjects, and also careers in law are also open to those who study a different non law degree subject too.  Legal apprenticeships were discussed including higher and degree level ones available after college. It was important to consider the variety of routes leading to legal careers, including higher and degree level apprenticeships because she potentially was interested in apprenticeships at 18.

Because of her interest in Sociology and Business Studies, other websites were introduced to consider possibilities for alternative careers ideas too.  I was able to show her and/or recommend further websites for her to use for follow up and further information including help with making her subject choices and legal careers.

Together we agreed for her to start using the websites suggested for further research and ideas, to attend an open event coming up at the college to find out more about possible subjects and apply on line before the end of this term.  I reminded her she could arrange a further appointment or see me for a quick chat at my drop in sessions.

 The student stated she particularly valued the recommended websites for further research/information.

Subsequently, the student and her parents came along for a further short chat with me during my attendance at a recent Year 11 Parents’ Evening at the school.  The student had shared with her mother information received during our meeting and used it to continue her research at home.