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Pupil Feedback

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Y10 and Y11 Worldskills

46 pupils from Y10 and Y11 visited the Worldskills UK event at Birmingham’s NEC arena.  Here they visited employment, further education and skills based stalls.  The interactive activities, intelligent discussions, informative presentations and guidance will have helped the pupils become more aware of the opportunities that are available to them  and the best approach in order to get there.

Pupil Feedback

I learnt processes of packaging and I really enjoyed the day. I would recommend the day.
Joe Cebrero Yr 10

I learnt about the different areas of childcare and hospitality. I enjoyed the day, some areas were better than others. I learnt about what apprenticeships were.
Shona Byrne Yr 10

I’m glad I came, it was very enjoyable. I enjoyed looking at all the business stalls. I’m going to go home with a glittery uniform. I’d have liked to have been involved in the Army activities but I was wearing a skirt.
Ruby Sweeney Yr 10

10/10. We found Worldskills amazing. We really enjoyed taking part in the virtual reality task. We had a great day and I would recommend it. We would have liked to have had more time.
Jon Clarkson & George Alton Yr 10

We loved Worldskills and would give it a million out of 10. It gave us a lot of information on different jobs, careers and apprenticeships. We would recommend it for the whole year group to get this opportunity. Good freebies.
Caitlin Kelly & Molly Swindle. Yr 11

I really enjoyed seeing the Army event stage. It was really engaging and opened my eyes to what was involved being in the Army. I would recommend the day to other year 10 pupils.
Jesse O’Brien Yr 10

My favourite area was the mechanics section. I liked the small compact cars the best. I spoke to a member of staff from the Jaguar dealership and he talked to me about how to apply. When I turn 16 they will call me to find out if I am still interested in this career. I’m very excited about this. I really would recommend all pupils to have the opportunity to attend Worldskills.
Blazey Skrzydlak Yr 10

It was a great experience.
Ellis King Yr 11

It has been a good insight because it opened my eyes to what I wanted to do. I took a test and then it gave me jobs that best fit my personality. I liked this. I would come again.
Nathan Davis Yr 11

It’s been a good experience to have as it showed me the different jobs available to me. Thank you for organising this trip Miss.
Pearce McDonnell Yr 11

I had a fantastic day. I liked taking the personality test and it showed that I would suit a career in business.
William Richardson Yr 11


Please see the gallery below for photos of the visit.

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Year 10 Lionheart Challenge

All year 10 pupils took part in the school heat of the national competition run by the Lionheart Challenge. They worked in teams of 10 and had to create a concept service (to help a disadvantaged local group), market it and calculate the finances. The teams were interviewed by a panel of judges and each team had to present their concept at the end of the day in front of the rest of their year group. The winning team will then go onto to represent OLCHS later in the year at the regional final.  Quote from Lionheart

Feedback from Pupils

I really enjoyed the day. It also strengthened teamwork skills and taught us all how to listen to others and their ideas about our project. – Oliwia Siwiecka 10R

I really liked the fact I was able to express my opinion about real life situations and having a voice in how we executed our ideas. – Lucy Collins 10U

I really enjoyed the fact I could talk ideas through with my group and contribute to what everyone was doing. – Jack Ballard 10D

It was a chance for me to learn great skills for the future. The team was friendly and explained everything well. Overall a great day that will remain a brilliant experience. – Lois Turley 10L

It was a fun experience because we got to express our views and opinions in a supportive environment. We also got to talk to people that we don’t usually interact with. – Danny Kaur 10R and Diya John 10U

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Heysham Power Station – Engineering Visit

Four Year 9 girls went to Heysham Power Station for a ‘Girls in Engineering’ visit. The purpose was  to encourage girls into engineering careers and to show them what other careers are on offer.  Highlights included a tour of the power station and an environmental task that involved powering the UK most efficiently.  They were the only group to fulfil all the criteria.

It was a memorable day and I could see myself working in that Job – Mollie Jemson Y9

I found the tour informative and interesting. The task helped me understand what was needed to power the country – Rachael Leech Y9

I really enjoyed it and would like to go back. I would think about an apprenticeship there – Leah Highcock Y9

Enjoyable experience and I would recommend this trip to next year’s year 9 – Mariyah Patel Y9

RAF Careers Presentation

Former pupil Nathan Noblett delivered a presentation to Y11 pupils about life at Wellbeck Defence Sixth Form College, an RAF training college in Leicester.  He spoke about the career opportunities available, the application process and the qualifications needed to be successful.  The pupils benefited from Nathan’s first-hand experience and expertise.

It was so useful hearing about the process of applying for the RAF and what the career involves from someone who is actually living it right now.  I was interested in the aerospace and engineering opportunities mentioned.  The career path is so well thought out and I now know the next steps I would need to take.   Harriet Seed Year 11

Year 11 Mock Interviews
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On Tuesday 15th January our school hosted its very first mock interview evening for Year 11 pupils.  Thirty-eight employers from across Lancashire bestowed us with their vast interviewing knowledge to ensure that the pupils were given a realistic and valuable experience.  The pupils learned from current labour market information, career pathways and sector detail before deciding upon a job to be interviewed for.  They also completed a CV.  As the interview day drew closer, the pupils benefited from a session led by the ‘Department for Work and Pensions’ on how to give the best possible account of themselves in an interview situation, covering preparation, body language and tips on making the right impression.  Some pupils were invited to a session led by ‘Talk the Talk’ focusing on how to talk positively about yourself and strategies to structure responses to interview questions. 

The verbal and written feedback received by the pupils is likely to help them reflect on the encounter and better prepare them for their next interview situation. 

Year 11 Mock Interview Feedback

On the whole, the talk session was extremely helpful as the techniques that we got shown were used in my interview.  Also, the feedback I got overall was amazing.  The experience made me grow in confidence and pride, despite that being one of my ‘weaknesses’ before the session.  I am very grateful to school and the teachers involved for giving me this experience.  Owen Martin

In my mock interview, I feel that the experience was positive.  It gave us a taste of a real job interview.  It taught us how we could possibly deal with nerves before a job interview and how we could make ourselves more confident before having to do a real job interview.  Ewen Mansford

Personally, I believe that the mock interviews were a good insight as to what to expect when being interviewed in later life.  They explored a number of aspects from what to wear, to how we should greet out interviewer.  Overall they were very helpful.  Elodie Chesworth

Overall, I think that the mock interviews went well as it gave me a realistic experience of how interviews that we face after school are like.  I feel that I was positive.  It helped that it wasn’t someone from out of school who did it as an unknown face is more realistic.  The people that came in prior to the interview helped calm and prepare me for the interview.  Ben Pomfret

In my mock interview I felt that my experience was very helpful in terms of practise for a real world experience.  I felt it went very positively and I felt I was able to cope well under pressure; it has made me more confident.  Owen Strickland

I think that the mock interviews went well and were beneficial as we gained experience on what a real interview may be like.  I also feel more confident and I think it has taken pressure off a real world situation.  It’s made me feel better by completing a real world interview.  Rosie Gavell

On Tuesday I had my mock interview.  Personally, I think that my interview was a success due to the questions that were asked being challenging and hard to answer.  I had to think deeply and hard to answer them.  I was very nervous before the interview due to me wanting to give off a good impression and to impress the employer.  I was pleased with myself after my interview due to me being confident and sharing my personal qualities with the employer.  Will McIntyre

I think that the mock interview was beneficial to get us ready for further interviews in the future.  Before I went into the interview I was very confident because I had prepared beforehand.  But after the interview it gave me more confidence for further interviews because it gave me experience of what the questions will be like, so it will give me time to prepare beforehand.  But I can also prepare questions to give me more information on the job which shows that I am interested in the job which will make it more likely for me to get the job.  Megan Kay

My interview was successful.  I researched so I was prepared.  The experience helped me to gain confidence made me feel like I can succeed when trying to secure a job in the future.  Abi Whittell

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Careers Week Y10 Employer Encounter

 For their meaningful employer encounter as part of our school’s  ‘Careers Week’, our Year 10 pupils were treated to a workshop in partnership with ‘The Department for Work and Pensions’ and the ‘National Health Service’ themed around job applications.  The interactive experience developed our pupils’ awareness of the importance of ‘branding’ themselves correctly through the medium of an application form and personal statement.  By responding to a mock job advert, our pupils were guided on how to avoid common application errors and how to best structure their experiences, skills and qualities to a person specification.  Our pupils listened enthusiastically, held meaningful discussions with the employers and asked lots of probing questions.  

Pupil Feedback

The workshop was such a useful experience.  David, the presenter was funny and engaging.  I feel so much better prepared for my first job application now.  Max Botes 

 It was great to get an insight into what lies in store for me in the future.  This was so helpful.  I feel more confident in the whole application process.  Tayla Bolton

David was full of energy and made what could be a boring topic fun.  I had a great time learning about what employers really want to see in a job application and am pleased that I’ve learned the things that can make an application be immediately rejected.  Harry Wignall

Y9 Options Day and Employer Encounter
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Our Year 9 pupils have begun their preparations for life in KS4 by participating in their Options Day.  After a presentation on the options process and an overview of the day by Mr Nelson, the pupils invested their time learning from LMI (Labour Market Information), researching possible future careers and investigating the academic routes they would need to pursue in order to increase their chances of success.  As well as sessions focused on decision making, our Y9 pupils researched information about the subjects that they could study next year via our ‘Google Classroom Options Page’, as well as participating in an employer encounter with either Preston’s College and or HMRC.  The final session of the day involved completing a mock options form and selecting 6 preferences for their 4 options slots.

Pupil Feedback

I have thoroughly enjoyed today.  I found learning about options really helpful.  Thank you. Aimee Froggatt

I liked today as before today I had no idea what I was going to choose and now I have a clear idea.  I know what subjects will benefit me most in the future.   Grace Wignall

Today was so useful as I was able to see what exactly which GCSEs I require in order to get the job I want.  I’ve also learned the jobs that I am most suited to.  Caitlin Jackson

Today helped me to gain a further understanding into the options process.  I enjoyed researching and finding out about the variety of careers there are.  I really enjoyed the session with HMRC.  Albert Livsey

Careers Week Y8 Employer Encounter
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Our Y8 pupils participated in one of two workshops for their employer encounters on Thursday.  The ‘Department for Work and Pensions’ led a workshop that focused on the digital footprints, the potential associated risks of their footprints and how they can improve theirs.  ‘Lancashire Fire Service’ held an interesting and informative session on safety inside and outside of the home.  Both workshops were fully interactive, where the pupils were able to ask the employers questions about their professions, the skills that are needed in that profession and the academic choices our pupils should make to set them on each career path.

Pupil Feedback

It was very interesting and it taught me a lot of how t9 behave on the internet.  Tiarnan Hayes

The workshop made me or aware of the problems of posting online and gave good advice on how to make sure we have a safer future  online.   Emily Jemson

I found out about dangers of the water and what not to do.  How being reckless can cost lives.  He also told us how we can help those in need of assistance.  Sky Cottam

It was great to see what the job involves, the specialist equipment you use and how you have to be persistent in when applying for the job you really want.  Lucy Brown

Careers Week Y7 Employer Encounter

For their employer encounters as part of ‘Careers Week’, half of our Y7 pupils worked with ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers’ on a session titled ‘Energy Quest’. The workshop was an interactive STEM workshop packed with hands-on activities, careers information and stories from real engineers working in energy.  Students received their own workbook to capture learning as they explored concepts of energy generation, sustainability and technology.  The second half of our Year7 cohort worked alongside employers from the ‘Ministry of Defence’ a curriculum aligned Front-Line Science challenge.  Here, our Year7 pupils worked in small teams to apply the principles of Physics, Chemistry and Biology STEM in thinking creatively to design new kit and equipment for the Army to use on its future operations.

Pupil Feedback

It was such a fun day.  We got to learn about the MOD, what they do and how science is important in working for them.  We looked at all the jobs there that involve STEM, including Biomedical Science and Pharmacy.  Carter Cornwell

We learned about how the combat part of the MOD is a really small part and that most of the roles there involve design, engineering and support.  We got to try out these other roles-it was brilliant.  Marek SIekanski

It was great to learn all about engineering and the experiment was really fun and interesting.  It has made me want to look at engineering  as a future career.  A great experience.  Nicola Stefanska

The pupils enjoyed a morning looking around Leyland Trucks Ltd where they were given the opportunity to see the entire production line in operation.  They learnt the importance of quality control measures through their systems such as ‘No faults forward’ and the use of sensors to stop wrong parts being used accidentally. They also learnt how employees are engaged in continuous production through their ‘Empowerment’ system.  The pupils learnt how 85 trucks were being assembled on site that day and were given an in depth explanation of how ‘Just In Time’ (JIT) manufacturing is carried out effectively.  The pupils were also introduced to their apprenticeship scheme and given information about various opportunities within the organisation.

 A really good visit with some amazing machinery in operation.  Thomas Rishton

 So the benefits of apprenticeships aren’t just financial, you also gain life experience and you could be educated to degree level.  Jakub Grobelny

 The inside of those trucks are nicer than a Rolls Royce!  George Aiton

Congratulations to the winning year 8 team ‘AZA’ who came first place in the final of the 2019 Entrepreneur Competition. Well done to all year 8 pupils who have successfully taken part in this year’s competition run through their Design & Technology lessons. Pupils were given a £10 loan by OLCHS and were challenged to make as much profit as possible, setting up their own businesses.

Quotes from pupils:

“I have really enjoyed coming together as a group and making the products. i loved the smiles on peoples faces when eating the chocolate. I enjoyed making people feel happy” Katie Bell

“I have enjoyed spending more time with my friends and learning new skills about business. I have also enjoyed socialising and hearing feedback from others” Eden Turley

“I have enjoyed being able to do something different at shcool to normal lessons and also making a substantial amount of money too” Joseph Green

The year 10 Young Enterprise team, Personalitree took part in the Lancashire Final of the Company Programme at UCLAN this week. They competed against a number of other schools and youth groups where they presented their account of their year in business to a panel of judges. The team also submitted a report on their company as well as being interviewed at their trade stand. Personalitree were awarded the trophy for best business plan.

“It has been a chance for me to discover both about myself and the world of business. I now feel more confident about embarking into any future careers. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything”. Lois Turley

“I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the creative design side of our business as it allowed me to build on existing skills and develop new ones. It also let me and my friends gather new memories and strengthen our relationships.” Beau Smith

The year 10 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition class enjoyed an inspirational dining experience at one of the area’s most acclaimed restaurant, Angels in Ribchester. The pupils were able to experience fine dining, enjoying a range of deliciously flavoured and beautifully presented dishes. It is hoped that they will be able to use the experience to give them inspiration throughout the course. To view images click here.

Pupil quotes:

“It was a really nice experience and the food was plated attractively and it will help me with presentation of dishes in my GCSE” – Grace Canfield

“The whole experience was really enjoyable and will help me with my GCS, especially presentation” – Adam Wignall

Year 7 and Year 9 were treated to the STEM roadshow this week, delivered by BAE in partnership with the RAF and Royal Navy.  The show educated them on the themes of communication technology, programming and online security.

The interactive show encouraged our pupils to be responsible and confident users of technology. They were introduced to the science behind mobile phones, Bluetooth, radar and infra-red sensing and were given an insight into how some of these technologies are applied at home and in the workplace.

Each show was intertwined with lots of information about related engineering careers and the pathways required to access them.

Pupil Feedback:

“It was so fun.  Engineering is really cool.”

“The careers guidance was really helpful.  I know what websites to look at now.”

“This has improved my self confidence.”


As part of our careers programme, twenty employers from different sectors across Lancashire spent a productive morning alongside our Year 10 pupils as part of our first ‘Speed Networking’ event.  The aim of the session was to provide our pupils with meaningful employer encounters and the opportunity to ask professionals a variety of questions about careers, labour market information, employability skills and pathways.  Their findings were recorded in their ‘Speed Networking’ log books.   Our pupils were organised in groups of 5 and moved on a carousel basis every 5 minutes.  This event will assist them in thinking about their post 16 choices and the skills and traits they will require in order to be successful in their ambitions.

Pupil Quotes

‘This was an amazing event, meeting so many people that offer you an insight into their career’

‘I loved learning about not just the careers but people’s backgrounds’

‘It’s great that we got to ask the questions that we wanted answering.  I loved it’

Today was worthwhile:
GroupYesNoDid not complete
Year 1144017
Year 1083372
Year 11
Things I liked about today were:


I got to talk to a wide range of careers advisors and discuss my options (Katie J)

Lots of things that helped (Alex W)

It helped me decide my career choices (Callum)

I found out lots of information

Interesting chatting to the RAF, very informative (Danny K-S)

Learning new things about other routes (Ella H)

It gave me insights on future opportunities (Colin R)

It gave me insight on different jobs and colleges (Dominic P)

I found out about more back-up options (Calum C)

Booths taught me there are lots more jobs behind the scenes (Harry B)

The variety of jobs to think about for the future, and better ideas (Martyna M)

Getting to see what opportunities are available after school (Molly M)

Plus lots and lots of single word answers; informative, helpful, useful etc


Year 10
Things I liked about today were:


The variety of different jobs and opportunities for after high school

Apprenticeship advice

All the different people giving a wide array of choice and freedom

Being able to choose who we go to and asking our own questions (Rachael)

Talking to people and jobs to to and where to go after school (Abigail G)

The Department of Work and Pensions guy was great (Ben B)

I found out a lot about Preston’s College (Roksana K)

Discovering what options I had and what I needed to do to reach where I want to go (Grace W)

Openness and freedom to talk to anyone (Grace C)

The amount of different people we could talk to (Daisy B)

I learned something new about different careers

The friendliness of the people broadening my view

I liked how each booth gave good information and told me the positives and negatives (Claudia G)

It opened up a lot of new ideas (Anie N)

It showed me what things I can do after college and gave me a whole new range of ideas (Alice)

I gained more knowledge about apprenticeships

Getting to know lots of different things in life and knowing about different jobs (Harry H)

I found out more about the colleges

I found out a lot I didn’t know, which has helped with my choices

Finding out about different options after school such as apprenticeships

Seeing what the qualifications are and what personal skills we needed (Neha J)

Finding out what Travel and Tourism looks like in college

I liked how friendly everyone was

The enthusiasm

Interesting, and I got good ideas on new things (Seth T)

I got a better look into what I want to do in the future (Lucas T)

All year 7 pupils took part in the school heat of the National Enterprise Challenge. They worked in groups of 6 and were given the task of developing a creative way of using empty gas canisters in an environmentally friendly way. The teams also had to give thought about how to promote and finance their idea. The day finished with a number of selected teams presenting their ideas to a panel of judges who then selected a winning team. The winning team, ‘River Saver’ will now go on to represent OLCHS in the National finals in Birmingham in July.


“The day was amazing. I thought everyone enjoyed it and got involved in everything. No one was left out. It taught me a lot about business and how we need to help the environment” Molly Rawsthorn

“I felt that the enterprise day was very organised and well prepared. Everyone in year 7 got to be a part of it”, Mable Saji

Girls from the Year 10 GCSE Design  and Technology (Graphics, Resistant Materials and Textiles) classes were invited to a specially run Girls in Engineering event at Leyland Trucks. The event was open to only two Preston schools so our pupils were very fortunate to have been selected. The day was very informative and interesting. It comprised of an opportunity to listen to and question a group of female employees of the company. These ranged from the truck designers, ICT and software designers to apprentices and members of the production line. The pupils were then given a comprehensive tour of the factory, allowing them the opportunity to see the assembly, painting and testing of the vehicles. The afternoon gave the pupils the opportunity to get hands on by carrying out quality control inspections of completed vehicles as well as identifying some common faults.

Leyland Trucks have provided a further two visits this year to Year 10 GCSE Design and Technology pupils. We are very grateful for the opportunity that this provides to support the industrial aspects of the course as well as giving an invaluable insight into possible future careers and training.


“I enjoyed the trip. I learnt how to check if there is anything wrong with a truck and what type of jobs you can do in this industry. I think it was inspirational to women wanting to get into this type of job”. Alice Hughes

“My experience at Leyland Trucks was really enjoyable and it was interesting to see how the parts were put together. This trip was really inspiring to women to get them into a career in engineering.” Neha John

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