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Careers Week

  • As part of ‘Careers Week’ in the spring term, Y7-Y10 pupils benefit from an employer encounter.
  • This year, half of our Y7 pupils worked with ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers’ on a session titled ‘Energy Quest’. The workshop was an interactive STEM workshop packed with hands-on activities, careers information and stories from real engineers working in energy.  Students received their own workbook to capture learning as they explored concepts of energy generation, sustainability and technologies.
  • The second half of our Y7 cohort worked alongside employers from the ‘Ministry of Defence’ on one of two STEM activities.
  • In the first activity, pupils joined the Army’s Engineers, Medics and Logisticians in deploying to a remote part of the world which had been hit by a destructive earthquake. Learning how to build, programme and operate their ‘LEGO Mind-storm Robot’ our pupils used their robot to undertake a series of engineering and logistical challenges in order to achieve their mission and deliver the life-saving humanitarian aid to the local people.
  • In the curriculum-aligned Front-Line Science challenge our Y7 pupils worked in small teams to apply the principles of Physics, Chemistry and Biology STEM in thinking creatively to design new kit and equipment for the Army to use on its future operations.
  • Y8 pupils worked with employers from ‘Santander’ and the ‘Department for Work and Pensions’, examining the impact of their digital footprint on their future as well as receiving an insight into the finance and banking profession.
  • Y9 pupils worked with HMRC on a ‘Tax Facts’ workshop where they made decisions on how much tax we should pay and where the money should go. Preston’s College in partnership with the ‘Eric Wright Group’ also worked with our Y9 pupils in a session titled ‘Bridge The Gap’.  This was a problem solving session that used LEGO as a construction resource.
  • Our Y10 pupils were treated to a masterclass in application forms and job specifications alongside the ‘Department for Work and Pensions’.