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Our Ethos and Mission

Our Lady’s is first and foremost a Catholic School. It follows from this that the ethos of our school should reflect the values proclaimed by Christ in the Gospels and recognises the unique value of each individual.

Our Mission is to be a Faith Community which, through following Gospel Principles, acts as a positive example, both within our own and our extended community.

Core Principles

Everyone at Our Lady’s has the right to:

  • Develop their faith in a supportive context
    At Our Lady’s this means we remain true to the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church while respecting the traditions of all faiths. We look to support all people in developing a love of God and their fellow people both within and outside of our school community
  • Work and learn to the best of their abilities
    At Our Lady’s this means that pupils should be well prepared for lessons by bringing the correct books and equipment. In class pupils should help others to learn by trying hard, listening well and being aware of the learning needs of others. Staff should be well prepared by planning appropriate, challenging lessons and providing regular feedback on progress. Everyone should value their gifts given by God and contribute to the life of our school
  • Be treated with respect at all times
    At Our Lady’s this means that we should speak in a way that supports others and helps each individual to grow and feel a welcome part of our school community. Opportunities, help and support will be given to all pupils and staff regardless of their gender, faith, race or background.
  • Feel safe
    At Our Lady’s this means that disagreement should always be resolved through discussion. The behaviour of everyone should contribute toward creating a calm and peaceful community. People who have worries about bullying behaviour should be taken seriously, their concerns investigated and appropriate action taken. Everyone should look out for others and report any concerns.