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Special Educational Needs

Our Lady’s Catholic High school has on roll almost 900 pupils aged between 11 and 16. We are able to offer support to all our pupils in a variety of ways. We care for our pupils in a friendly and inclusive environment and we are particularly proud of our reputation for working effectively with those pupils who have Special Educational Needs.

School Objectives

We aim to work effectively and sympathetically with all pupils with Special Educational Needs, having regard for the Code of Practice and in accordance with our Mission Statement.

The Learning Support Team

The school’s SENCO is Miss Charlotte McNeela; as Assistant Headteacher Miss McNeela, in collaboration with the Headteacher and Governing Body, helps to determine the strategic development of the SEN policy and provision. Mrs Bailey is the Learning Support Team manager and oversees the day-to-day operation of the school’s SEN policy and co-ordinates provision for pupils with statements of Special Educational Needs and those on the School Support Register, working closely with staff, parents and appropriate outside agencies. We also have a specialist teacher who works with individuals and small groups of learners.

Access arrangements

The majority of the school is at ground floor level although a number of curriculum areas are on the first and second floor. At present there are no pupils or staff with wheelchairs on the school roll.

National Curriculum

All students will have access to the full National Curriculum, though some students may need a modified curriculum on temporary or permanent basis. Where it is deemed necessary, the Headteacher may request disapplication on behalf of a particular pupil or group. This may be done by the annual review process and parents will be given the opportunity to be fully involved in discussions about these issues.

Partnership with parents

The school encourages a working partnership with all parents and particularly encourages parents and guardians of pupils with SEN to liaise closely with Miss McNeelaand Mrs Bailey and their team. We actively seek the involvement of parents before they arrive at Our Lady’s in primary school, at Parents’ evenings and at review meetings.


The school policy for SEN has been successfully implemented over many years. It is reviewed and evaluated on an annual basis. Any changes to the policy will be reported to parents and if you would like to read a copy of our policy, please contact Miss McNeela – CMA@olchs.lancs.sch.uk