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Religious Education

Religious Education at Our Lady’s is taught to all pupils.


We have 5 full time specialist members of staff and who deliver the full RE curriculum to all pupils at Key Stage 3 and Key stage 4:

  • Mrs Holohan (Principal Teacher of RE)
  • Mrs Fleming (Assistant Principal Teacher of RE & Assistant Learning Manager)
  • Mr Smith (Teacher of RE)
  • Mrs Slater (Teacher of RE)
  • Mr Charnock (Teacher of RE and Deputy Headteacher)


The RE Department has four purpose built rooms, each containing an interactive whiteboard.


Key Stage 3Key Stage 4

All pupils follow a structured curriculum at Key Stage 3 in five periods per fortnight during Year 7 and Year 8 and four periods per fortnight in Year 9. Each year pupils will study one world religion. Pupils have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs and in groups during the following topics.

In Year 7 pupils study:

  • Community (Different types of communities and the Church as a community)
  • Story and the Bible (Why the Bible is important and how to use one)
  • Hinduism (Beliefs and practices)
  • Lent and Easter (Lent as a time of preparation and the events of Holy Week)
  • Creation and Pentecost (Uniqueness, the Creation Story and gifts of the Holy Spirit)
  • Prayer (The different types of prayers and places of prayer)

In Year 8 pupils study:

  • Judaism (Beliefs and practices)
  • Jesus (The historical background and the different characteristics of Jesus)
  • Forgiveness (Sin and Forgiveness, Sacrament of Reconciliation and ‘should we always forgive?’)
  • Eucharist (The Last Supper, the Mass and why the Mass is important)
  • Covenant (Rules and Laws, the Ten Commandments and the Covenant stories)
  • Church (History of the Church, Christian denominations and saints)

In Year 9 pupils study:

  • Christian Service (Gifts and talents, vocation, priesthood and the sacrament of confirmation)
  • Marriage and Family (Different types of love, family life and the Catholic Marriage ceremony)
  • Pilgrimage (Places of pilgrimage, in depth study of Lourdes)
  • Islam (Beliefs and practices)
  • In the summer term pupils begin their first unit of their GCSE course in RE.

All pupils study a full GCSE in RE in five periods per fortnight which is Eduqas Religious Studies Route B. This consists of:

  • Component 1 – Foundational Catholic Theology
  • Component 2 – Applied Catholic Theology
  • Component 3 – Study of a World Faith

Pupils will sit three written examinations at the end of Year 11. Components 1 and 2 are one and a half hours each and component 3 is one hour.

There are no tiered papers in RE and every pupil has full access to the whole range of grades 9-1.

Component 1 – Foundational Catholic Theology

Areas of Study:

  • Origins and Meaning (Origins and Meaning, Creation, the Bible, Painting, Symbolism, Loving and Serving in Catholic communities in Britain and elsewhere)
  • Good and Evil (Good, Evil and Suffering, The Trinity, Incarnation, Jesus and moral authority, Sculpture and Statuary, Popular devotion as practised in Catholic communities in Britain and elsewhere)

Component 2 – Applied Catholic Theology

Areas of Study:

  • Life and Death (Death and the afterlife, Eschatology, The Magisterium, Artefacts, Music and the funeral rite, Prayer within the Catholic community in Britain and elsewhere)
  • Sin and Forgiveness (Crime and Punishment, Redemption, Church, Buildings, Sacraments, Mission and Evangelisation in Britain and elsewhere)

Component 3 – Study of a World Faith: Judaism

  • Beliefs and Teachings (The nature of God, Messiah, Covenant, Life on earth, the afterlife)
  • Practices (Worship: practices in Britain and elsewhere, the Synagogue, Rituals, Daily Life, Festivals: practices in Britain and elsewhere)

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • All Year 8 pupils have the opportunity to meet a Jewish speaker as part of the Judaism topic.
  • All Year 9 pupils visit Cardinal Newman College for a becREative day to learn in more depth about a topic they will be studying at GCSE. Year 9 pupils also meet a Muslim speaker and visit Majid e Salaam as part of the Islam unit of work.

If you require further information about this curriculum area please contact the Principal Teacher Mrs J Holohan – jho@olchs.lancs.sch.uk