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Modern Languages

French at Our Lady’s is taught to all pupils in Key Stage 3, and is an optional subject at Key Stage 4. Spanish at Our Lady’s is taught to the top four sets in Year 9 only, and is an optional subject at Key Stage 4.


We have three full time members of staff and two part time members of staff, who deliver the full French and Spanish Curriculum to all pupils at Key Stage 3 and Key stage 4:

  • Mrs Ardern (Principal Teacher)
  • Mrs Crossley (Assistant Principal Teacher)
  • Mrs Howard (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs O’Beirne (Teacher of MFL)
  • Mrs Soderberg (Teacher of MFL)


The Modern Languages Curriculum Area has 3 purpose built rooms, each containing an interactive whiteboard.


Key Stage 3Key Stage 4

All pupils follow a structured curriculum at Key Stage 3 in 4 periods per fortnight during Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. Homework is set once every week, to encourage pupils to become independent and confident learners, in preparation for Key Stage 4.
In Year 7 and 8, pupils study 4 hours of French a fortnight.
In Year 9, the top four sets study 3 hours of French and 2 hours of Spanish a fortnight.
In Year 9, the lower sets study three hours of French a fortnight.

Here at OLCHS Languages is a popular and thriving curriculum area where students are encouraged to be communicative learners, developing a knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to allow them to develop fluency of spoken and written response. Reading and Listening skills are also key, as are opportunities to translate and learn phonics.


Pupils are set individual target levels to work towards achieving. Work is assessed throughout the year and written feedback is given to aid pupils in improving their work. Attainment grades are also given through the progress reporting systems; these marks combine an average of homework and classwork throughout the year.

In Year 7 French pupils will learn the following:

  • How to say whether they have siblings.
  • How to describe a classroom.
  • How to describe like and dislikes.
  • How to describe yourself and others.
  • How to say what you do in terms of hobbies.
  • How to talk about school, including clothing.
  • How to describe sports and whether you are sporty.
  • How to describe family and where you live.
  • How to describe towns and make plans for a visit somewhere.

In Year 8 French pupils study:

  • How to talk about their preferences in terms of television, film, books and the internet.
  • How to describe a recent visit to Paris.
  • How to talk about their identity, in terms of languages they speak, music choices, and clothing.
  • How to describe where they live and what they eat.
  • How to talk about their talents and aspirations.

In Year 9 French pupils study:

  • How to talk about social media.
  • How to describe other people and their relationships with family and friends.
  • How to talk about the sports they play and why sport is important.
  • How to describe their resolutions for a healthy life.
  • How to talk about jobs, the workplace and their future plans.

In Year 9 Spanish pupils study:

  • How to describe themselves in terms of personal information.
  • How to talk about their family members.
  • How to describe what they study at school.
  • How to talk about food.
  • How to describe their town and where they live.
  • Basic Spanish such as numbers, days, months, animals etc.

Pupil’s study a full GCSE in French and Spanish which consists of:

  • Edexcel GCSE French (F1FR0)
  • Edexcel GCSE Spanish (1SP0)



The papers are tiered into Foundation and Higher entry.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • All pupils are welcome to attend at lunchtime to extend their French and Spanish studies, as well as to complete homework tasks set.
  • Revision classes for GCSE pupils.
  • A Year 7 trip to Normandy in May.
  • An alternate KS4 French and Spanish trip each February to Paris and Barcelona, open to all MFL students regardless of language studied.

If you require further information about this curriculum area please contact the Principal Teacher Mrs J Ardern – jar@olchs.lancs.sch.uk