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Human Relationships and Sex Education

Human Relationships and Sex Education is taught in all year groups following the Programmes of Study provided by the Diocese of Lancaster and covering the content of the national Curriculum for science. Parents may choose to educate their children in HRSE themselves and if so, need to write to the Headteacher to make him aware. Their child will then be removed from all HRSE lessons, except those which cover the National Curriculum for Science.

 As a high school in the Diocese of Lancaster Education Service, we use the term Human Relationships and Sex Education (HRSE) as we believe that relationships education is about all aspects of growing a fulfilled and happy life, sexual education is a dimension of this greater whole. For example,

The defining belief of Christianity is that God took on human form. This endows the human form with an extraordinary dignity that goes beyond that of all other forms of life and shows that humanity alone can embrace this relationship with God. Therefore, our relationship with our own bodies is not casual but infused with the Holy Spirit. Any teaching about love and sexual relationships in school must be rooted in this belief which is expressed in the Church’s teaching about relationships, marriage, sex and family life.


Key Stage 3

The HRSE programmes of study are delivered through the normal school curriculum with no separate PSHE lessons. This will predominantly be covered in Science and Religious Education lessons, but some aspects will also be covered in other subjects.

HRSE Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

The HRSE programmes of study are taught in discrete lessons, planned and delivered by a specialist team of teachers. These lessons are taught to form groups in lesson spread throughout Year 10.

HRSE Key Stage 4


Further aspects of HRSE are delivered during enrichment days, for example in the ‘Self-esteem’ days which all Year 9 pupils attend.