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Drama at Our Lady’s is taught to all pupils in Key Stage 3 and is an optional subject at Key Stage 4.


We have 1 full time member of staff and 2 part time member of staff, who deliver the full Drama curriculum to all pupils at Key Stage 3 and Key stage 4:

  • Mrs Morris (Principal Teacher)
  • Ms Gregson (Teacher of Drama)
  • Mrs Best (Teacher of Drama and Music)


The Drama Department has a purpose built studio with an interactive whiteboard, a bank of computers and stage lighting. There is also a newly built Arts theatre with state of the art lighting and sound equipment and retractable raked seating.


Key Stage 3Key Stage 4

All pupils follow a structured curriculum at Key Stage 3 in 2 periods per fortnight during Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9.

Here at OLCHS Drama is a popular and thriving department; pupils explore improvisation techniques, develop short scripted work, and devise drama from different themes. Pupils are encourages to think in an independent and creative way in readiness for GCSE.
They learn how to constructively evaluate their own work and that of peers and complete a written assessment at the end of each module of work.


Pupils are set individual target levels to work towards achieving. Work is assessed throughout the year and feedback is given to aid pupils in improving their work. Attainment grades are also given through the progress reporting systems; these marks are a reflection of their most recent attainment in their practical work.

In Year 7 pupils study:

  • An introduction to developing a character of their own.
  • How to develop dialogue and sustain a character.
  • How to bring a script to life.
  • How to explore Social issues through drama.
  • How to build their confidence by performing to the class.
  • A dance module resulting in a whole KS3 performance at The Charter Theatre.
  • Costume and set design for a given show.

In Year 8 pupils study:

  • How to developing longer and more complex characters for improvisation.
  • How to develop more abstract drama based upon a theme.
  • How to put a whole class performance together.
  • A dance module resulting in a whole KS3 performance at The Charter Theatre.
  • Costume and set design for a given show.

In Year 9 pupils study:

  • How to explore a topic using different stimulus as a starting point.
  • How to put a GCSE style devised piece of work together.
  • How to bring a scripted character and play to life in detail.
  • Costume and set design for a given show.

Pupil’s study a full GCSE in Drama AQA GCSE Drama 8261

The GCSE qualification is made up of 3 components.


  • Study a set play
  • Analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers.

How it’s assessed

  • Written exam: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Open book • 80 marks


  • Pupils devised and perform their own drama
  • They keep a Devising log (60 marks)
  • Devised performance (20 marks) • 80 marks in total
  • This component is marked by teachers and moderated by AQA.


  • Performance of two extracts from one play.
  • Marked by AQA examiner.

All aspects of this GCSE require pupils to devise and rehearse work in their own time and under their own initiative. This is a demanding course.

There are no tiered papers in Drama and every pupil has full access to the whole range of grades 9 to 1.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • There are extensive out-of-hours provision provided in Drama. All pupils are welcome to attend any of the clubs.
  • Drama /Musical theatre club is held every Thursday 3.30-4.30.
  • GCSE pupils are allowed to book the studio or Arts theatre when they need it.
  • We regularly perform in local competitions. This year, 2016, we won the Lancashire final of The Beats road safety competition.
  • All year 7 and 8 pupils  and selected 9, 10 and 11 perform in our annual Dance Diva Show at the charter theatre.
  • There are regular theatre trips in the evenings
  • Pupils are taken on a residential trip to London to see West End shows and participate in professional workshops.
  • Pupils are encourages to participate in the Advent, Easter and end of year liturgies.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to perform in 2 school productions each year.

We are the current winners of The Beats Competition.

GCSE Drama results Summer 2018 were 95% with 9-4 and 70% of at grades 9-7.

If you require further information about this curriculum area please contact the Principal Teacher Mrs M Morris – mmo@olchs.lancs.sch.uk