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Consolidation Week

Consolidation Week – 29th June to 3rd July

Going Above and Beyond:

We want to reward all pupils who go above and beyond the call of duty during next week. This will apply especially to those pupils who have remained largely on track with their working at home. We are suggesting some additional challenges and these can be found below:

Challenge 1 – Oak National Academy

Log onto the Oak National Academy and complete lessons which match your Year group and subjects that you are studying.  Do as many lessons as you like but each lesson is about 1 hr in length and so will count towards your additional 5 hours


Challenge 2 – BBC Bitesize

Click on the BBC Bitesize webpage and choose a subject and a topic that you have already studied in school (or at home) and complete the revision and quiz task.  Each one you do counts as 1 hr towards your additional count.


Challenge 3 – Careers

Click on our school Careers page and look into different careers and complete activities.


Challenge 4 – PE with Joe Wicks

Take part in a PE lesson with Joe Wicks.  Each lesson counts as 1hr towards your additional target.


Allow your child to select from the activities provided and let us know at the end of the week whether they have achieved an additional 5 hours of self-selected and meaningful work.

Would you also tell us if they have completed 5 hours of either exercise; housework or providing help and support for others.

If your child completes either or both of these challenges, then we would like to know and reward them.

Please click on the form below and complete the very short form so that we can reward their effort through Being One of Our points.