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10th June 2024

Mobile Device Policy Change 2024

From September we will be introducing a change to our approach to our mobile device policy. The aim of this change is to help our children reduce the reliance on mobile devices and remove the temptation of using them incorrectly. Recent studies have shown a correlation between a decline in children’s mental health with an increase in time spent online. We recognise that many of our children use their mobile devices to access their online content.

Currently our policy states that all mobile devices are to be switched off and out of sight. (please see our behaviour policy on the school website for a full breakdown). From September our policy will be that all mobile devices are to be switched off, out of sight and stored securely in a child’s bag. Children are not to carry their phones on their persons. As per our currently policy, should children not adhere to this they will have their phones confiscated.

In the second half of the summer term, we will be phasing this into action, with staff helping children get into the habit of placing their phones into their bags. For the rest of the term, Staff will not confiscate phones on a child’s person, but will correct the choice and the child asked to put their device into their bag. Our currently policy of switched off and out of site still remains in place. I’m sure you recognise the potential for upset, should the device not be switched off and the device confiscated. Therefore, we are asking for your help in discussing this very important change with your child, ensuring they are switching their phones off. Flight mode or silent is not acceptable. The devices must be switched off.

We do recognise that some of our children do have expensive phones and you may feel storing them in bags pose a potential risk of your child losing their phone. In this instance, we would advise, not using these for school, and adopting a cheaper alternative.