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18th March 2024

Year 8 The Entrepreneur Competition

All Year 8 pupils are taking part in The Entrepreneur enterprise competition in their Design & Technology lessons. Pupils will be working in groups of three, and have been given a £10 loan by OLCHS (repayable on 7th May – Forms O,U & R and 10th May – Forms L, A & D).

Pupils must run enterprising activities (the Easter holidays will be good for this!), which will allow them to make as much profit from their loan as possible. All profit is to be kept and equally distributed within the groups. Each group will make a short presentation, including photographic evidence, to their class about their activities and a winning team from each class will be selected.

The following rules must be adhered to:
• Pupils are not allowed to do the lottery or play the lottery.
• Pupils must not sell goods within school time under any circumstances. This includes selling sweets on the quad or yard at break or lunch.
• Pupils should refrain from cake sales and car washes, trying to be more creative with their ideas.
• All groups will be expected to pay the £10 loan back in full.
• The work that pupils do in their groups must be divided up equally between all three members. Profit must be shared out equally at the end of the activity.
• Groups MUST provide photographic evidence of their activity.

Information for parents regarding the competition will be sent home this week.