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22nd January 2024

Year 9 Futures Day

Our Year 9 pupils recently spent a day thinking about their future career pathways, what they would like to study, and what jobs they would want to do. They spent part of the day comparing salaries and looking at what they could afford when they are working and from there selecting careers that will let them live the lives that they wish. Pupils then looked at the subjects they would need to take in Year 10 leading them to look at the Options Booklet for 2024 and then taking the first steps in selecting their options for this year.

The pupils worked exceptionally hard all day long and in conjunction with their form tutors made sensible choices which they can now discuss with their parents at home.

Before they make their final option choices, there will be the opportunity for parents and pupils to talk to the Principal Teachers at KS4 Information Evening which is on Tuesday 12th March 2024.