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28th June 2023

Year 7 Castles Project

Just after the Easter holidays, Year 7 pupils were set the task of creating a model castle. Pupils could choose to make a stone keep, motte and bailey or concentric castle and they had the option to base it on any castle in the world.

There were some truly fantastic castles this year and we have been genuinely impressed with the time, effort and research that has gone into them. All of the pupils who took part were able to articulate their design and creative process to a member of the senior leadership team exceptionally well, it was difficult to choose the winners as the standard was so high.

Congratulations to all of Year 7 for their efforts and a special well done to all of the winners.

DSC 0265 (1)
Aperture: 5
Camera: NIKON D3400
Iso: 720
Orientation: 1
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