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26th May 2023

UKMT Maths Challenge

Pupils in Year 7B1, 7B2, 8B1 and 8B2 recently took part in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge, a national problem solving competition promoting mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency of mathematical techniques. Sixty of our students achieved a certificate based on their score, which was a fantastic achievement. Monica achieved “best in year” for Year 7 with a silver certificate and Jakub in Year 8 achieved “best in school,” receiving a gold certificate for the challenge and will now go onto the next round, something only a few pupils get to take part in nationally. Other winners are listed below:

Year 7 Bronze: Henry B, Theo B, Chloe G, Isabelle H, Kayah J, Zack K, Naomi L, Jacob M, Faye N, Abdullah P, Ajit S and Maksymillian T.

Year 7 Silver: Joshua R and Monica N.

Year 8 Bronze: Oliver B, Eve B, Scarlett C, Zachary C, Owen D, Sam D, Keira D, Zuanna D, Emma G, Mckenzie G, Daniel H, Evie H. Courtney I, Liana K, Phoebe K, Antoni L, Tessa M, Patrick M, Joshua M, Zofia M, Oliver M, Alan N, Muhammed P, Charlotte P, Grace R, Faye R, Tessa R, Isaac S, Ted W, Jacob W and Macy W.

Year 8 Silver: William B, Louie B, Solomon E, Adam H, Jayden L, Evie M, Finlay M, Adyan P, Meera P, Jack P, Fatima R and Patrick W.

Year 8 Gold: Samuel G, Maisie H and Jakub D.

Congratulations also to Joe Walmsley in Year 10, who took part in the Pink Kangaroo Intermediate Challenge, something only a small number of pupils take part in nationally. Joe was very close to getting into the next round and only missed out by a few marks! A fantastic achievement Joe, well done!