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3rd April 2023

Stem Day: Meteor Landing

On Friday, 24th March, teams of pupils worked together to solve the Meteor Challenge by designing and creating a practical solution.

The pupils started the event with a briefing about a radioactive meteor that had landed in the school field and needed safely removing. Pupils were given specific safety information around the handling of the meteor, maintaining a 2 metre distance at all times.

Pupils worked together in their teams to design and build a device that could reach the required distance, retrieve the meteor and safely transport it to a container. Pupils sketched their designs, considered the materials, joins and tools they would need before constructing their inventions.

After time in the workshop completing their devices, teams moved onto the field to put them to the test. Each team was given 5 attempts to safely retrieve the meteor.

The winning team, Lizzy, Cody and Josh, retrieved the meteor quickly on their first attempt. Runners up: Mark, Poppy, Leo and Leanna were a very close second, retrieving the meteor on their second attempt. A valiant effort by all the teams with some really creative solutions.

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