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12th February 2020

Year 7 – National Enterprise Challenge

All year 7 pupils took part in the school heat of the National Enterprise Challenge. They worked in groups of 6 and were given the task of developing a creative way of using empty gas canisters in an environmentally friendly way. The teams also had to give thought about how to promote and finance their idea. The day finished with a number of selected teams presenting their ideas to a panel of judges who then selected a winning team. The winning team, ‘River Saver’ will now go on to represent OLCHS in the National finals in Birmingham in July.


“The day was amazing. I thought everyone enjoyed it and got involved in everything. No one was left out. It taught me a lot about business and how we need to help the environment” Molly Rawsthorn

“I felt that the enterprise day was very organised and well prepared. Everyone in year 7 got to be a part of it”, Mable Saji