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10th February 2020

Careers Week 2020

Y7 – 10 Pupils experienced ‘careers week’ from 20th-24th January.  This was a week filled with meaningful employer encounters, advice about future pathways and future careers, as well as focusing on breaking down social stereotypes.  We worked closely with ‘Bowmer and Kirkland’ in designing and implementing the event.

Amongst the huge variety of tasks and workshops on offer, Y7 designed careers time capsules to buried underneath the new build at UCLAN, Y8 designed careers postcards to be advertised around the hoardings of the new UCLAN build, Y9 worked on a state of the art graphics design programme and Year 10 were treated to a masterclass in ‘selling yourself’.  Following on from Y11 mock interviews, careers week is another example of the great significance our school places on futures, and precedes the Y10 careers fair and Y10 work experience in the lead up to half term.

You can learn more about our careers programme here: https://www.olchs.lancs.sch.uk/school/information/careers/