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8th July 2019

FunMaths Roadshow for Years 7 to 9

Recently over 500 pupils from Years 7 to 9 took part in the FunMaths Roadshow held in the sports hall.  The Roadshow consisted of over 80 mathematical activities. Pupils working in pairs moved around the room tackling the activities in any order. This problem solving event was non competitive and was both challenging and enjoyable. Here’s what some of the pupils thought;

“I liked the physical problems because it really gets me thinking more” (Owen Hatton)

“I liked having the challenge of doing different types of puzzles, not just one type.” (Bobbie Matthews)

“I liked trying lots of new questions and not giving up.” (Iga Wojtasik)

“I liked doing the red and black board, even though it took us ages.” (Isabella Stutter)

“The Roadshow challenged me to try as hard as I could and helped me learn some problem solving skills” (Oliver Kearney)