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17th May 2019

Year 8 Entrepreneur Competition

Congratulations to the winning year 8 team ‘AZA’ who came first place in the final of the 2019 Entrepreneur Competition. Well done to all year 8 pupils who have successfully taken part in this year’s competition run through their Design & Technology lessons. Pupils were given a £10 loan by OLCHS and were challenged to make as much profit as possible, setting up their own businesses.

Quotes from pupils:

“I have really enjoyed coming together as a group and making the products. i loved the smiles on peoples faces when eating the chocolate. I enjoyed making people feel happy” Katie Bell

“I have enjoyed spending more time with my friends and learning new skills about business. I have also enjoyed socialising and hearing feedback from others” Eden Turley

“I have enjoyed being able to do something different at shcool to normal lessons and also making a substantial amount of money too” Joseph Green