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6th February 2019

Careers Fair – 6/2/2019

In February we held our 4th annual Careers Fair in the Arts Theatre for all of our Year 10 and some Year 11 pupils, to assist them in making informed decisions about their future in further education, training or employment.

The event featured 25 stalls representing a wide variety of employers and further education providers. Pupils had an hour to move around and speak to the visitors, with a pro-forma to complete that encouraged meaningful conversations.

The pupils left the event with a plethora of further reading materials and a greater insight into their future career paths.

It’s great to ask questions and receive advice on life after school, including where is best to study A level Art and Design. Tom Kay

I found out the qualifications needed for the route I want to take, including how to apply for the right apprenticeship. Rocco Williams

Helpful learning about the different jobs we can go into after school and how our qualifications can influence this. Diya John