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25th January 2019

Careers Week: Year 7 Employer Encounter – 25/01/2019

For their employer encounters as part of ‘Careers Week’, half of our Y7 pupils worked with ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers’ on a session titled ‘Energy Quest’. The workshop was an interactive STEM workshop packed with hands-on activities, careers information and stories from real engineers working in energy.  Students received their own workbook to capture learning as they explored concepts of energy generation, sustainability and technology.  The second half of our Year7 cohort worked alongside employers from the ‘Ministry of Defence’ a curriculum aligned Front-Line Science challenge.  Here, our Year7 pupils worked in small teams to apply the principles of Physics, Chemistry and Biology STEM in thinking creatively to design new kit and equipment for the Army to use on its future operations.

Pupil Feedback

It was such a fun day.  We got to learn about the MOD, what they do and how science is important in working for them.  We looked at all the jobs there that involve STEM, including Biomedical Science and Pharmacy.  Carter Cornwell

We learned about how the combat part of the MOD is a really small part and that most of the roles there involve design, engineering and support.  We got to try out these other roles-it was brilliant.  Marek SIekanski

It was great to learn all about engineering and the experiment was really fun and interesting.  It has made me want to look at engineering  as a future career.  A great experience.  Nicola Stefanska