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24th January 2019

Careers Week Year 8 Employer Encounter – 24/01/2019

Our Y8 pupils participated in one of two workshops for their employer encounters on Thursday.  The ‘Department for Work and Pensions’ led a workshop that focused on the digital footprints, the potential associated risks of their footprints and how they can improve theirs.  ‘Lancashire Fire Service’ held an interesting and informative session on safety inside and outside of the home.  Both workshops were fully interactive, where the pupils were able to ask the employers questions about their professions, the skills that are needed in that profession and the academic choices our pupils should make to set them on each career path.

Pupil Feedback

It was very interesting and it taught me a lot of how t9 behave on the internet.  Tiarnan Hayes

The workshop made me or aware of the problems of posting online and gave good advice on how to make sure we have a safer future online.   Emily Jemson

I found out about dangers of the water and what not to do.  How being reckless can cost lives.  He also told us how we can help those in need of assistance.  Sky Cottam

It was great to see what the job involves, the specialist equipment you use and how you have to be persistent in when applying for the job you really want.  Lucy Brown

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