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21st January 2019

Year11 Mock Interviews

On Tuesday 15th  January our school hosted its very first mock interview evening for Year 11 pupils.  Thirty-eight employers from across Lancashire bestowed us with their vast interviewing knowledge to ensure that the pupils were given a realistic and valuable experience.  The pupils learned from current labour market information, career pathways and sector detail before deciding upon a job to be interviewed for.  They also completed a CV.  As the interview day drew closer, the pupils benefited from a session led by the ‘Department for Work and Pensions’ on how to give the best possible account of themselves in an interview situation, covering preparation, body language and tips on making the right impression.  Some pupils were invited to a session led by ‘Talk the Talk’ focusing on how to talk positively about yourself and strategies to structure responses to interview questions. 

The verbal and written feedback received by the pupils is likely to help them reflect on the encounter and better prepare them for their next interview situation. 

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