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20th September 2018

School Therapy Dog

Arlo, our school therapy dog, is now approaching 6 months of age and has been undergoing intensive training during the summer holidays. He has now reached the stage in his training where he is able to support pupils in the classroom. As Arlo is a cockapoo this means that he is hypoallergenic and therefore does not pose an allergy risk to pupils or staff. In addition to his work in Learning Support, Arlo will soon begin to support our pupils in some of Miss McEnnerney’s Science lessons and Mrs Bailey’s PE lessons, before increasing his timetable and supporting within other departments.

If you believe that your child would feel upset or anxious should Arlo be in their classroom do please email Miss McEnnerney (amc@olchs.lancs.sch.uk) with your child’s name, year and set.