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18th June 2018

Marafiki Gardening Update

Over the Easter holidays we applied for our Level 3 RHS School gardening award certificate and we are pleased to announce that it has now been received and the certificate is displayed proudly in the Marafiki Garden. From this we will receive a Rocket Gardens voucher worth £150 for a series of three boxes, brimming with vegetable and fruit plug plants which will be delivered to school to be added to our raised beds.

As part of this process we have started out own composting process and collect composting materials from around school as well as staff bringing in their own from home. The compost produced is then used within our garden.

Mr Robinson has performed an experiment with a variety of different planting materials including shop bought compost and the compost from our own garden. The results so far are looking very promising. At present these are the only pumpkin seeds growing! When ready these will then be planted in our garden.

But, as always we are looking forward and looking how to achieve Level 4! This involves setting up an enterprise to raise further money for the garden. As a group, we have decided to set up a Marafiki Gardening Shop. Pupils will sell produce grown in the garden to staff and pupils when ready. We have had 2 stalls so far and have raised £50. Produce has included a variety of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, vegetables as well as a variety of flowers. Pupils have been keeping count of what has been sold so we can be prepared for next year with the popular products.

As well as the garden, the group purchased a bird camera prior to the Christmas break. This was installed inside a bird box that pupils made during their lunchtimes within the grounds of the garden. Unfortunately, no birds nested in this box. The camera was repositioned to another box just outside of the garden as it was noticed that this box was occupied! Since the installation of the camera we have had 7 blue tits born. Footage can be found by searching for OLCHS Marafiki Gardening on YouTube. This footage is shared with pupils during form time. Footage is always being updated. The birds are growing up fast and will soon be ready for their first flight!