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8th November 2017

Year 10/11 Trip to Italy

After an early get up, the anticipation for the up and coming four days was unbearable. Having gone through security and boarded the plane, we realised we weren’t dreaming even though it was around six in the morning. We arrived in Italy and boarded the coach; some regretting not bringing sun glasses as it was very warm. We arrived at the olive grove and were taken through the process of making extra virgin olive oil, helping us understand the impact of climate on the types of crop that can be grown. To top it off we were able to sample some of the produce made in the farm’s restaurant in a three course meal, including fresh mozzarella and of course, pizza! After a full day of traveling, touring and eating we reached the hotel and were able to rest our weary legs and get some sleep before an exciting day ahead of us going to see a volcano.

Even though it was extremely cloudy and the views masked, there was a sense of awe as we climbed to the top of Mount Vesuvius as one of the 15 most dangerous volcanoes in the world. After a tour and a walk we made our way to Pompeii and embarked on our adventure around the excavated city which was once covered in 25ft of ash. Our tour guide Alessandro gave us the experience of a life time as we explored the ancient gymnasiums, amphitheater and houses, learning about the history of the city and the events of the 24th October 79AD. In the evening a quiz organised by non other than Dennis brought out the competitive edge in some and, of course, Mr Bagnoli’s team won.

The next day a bus tour around the Amalfi coast was to come and many a picture opportunity to be had. The beautiful views and towns moulded into the landscape were spectacular and nothing like any of us had seen before! After a boat ride and a bit of free time in two of the town centres we made our way back to the hostel for the final night, which included an evening walk into Sorrento’s main piazza. The last day in Italy had arrived and we made a final trip into the centre of Sorrento for a bit of free time stretching our legs before the coach ride to the airport. Overall the trip was an experience to cherish and remember and one never to be forgotten.