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27th September 2017

Duke of Edinburgh Weekend

Over the weekend 75 intrepid pupils took part in their Duke of Edinburgh assessment at Waddecar Scout Camp near Goosnargh.  They were tasked with completing a 10 mile trek through the countryside using their compasses, maps and their wits.  They set up camp, cooked and cleaned and worked as a team in the way they looked after their group, motivated each other and supported their friends on their expedition.  Although it was hard-work, it was also a time of great joy and friendship with many memories made on the way. Below the photos is an account of the weekend from one of the groups on expedition.

DofE Weekend Review


On arriving at the camp, we were greeted by the sight of pre-prepared tents, contrasted by the sorrowful, exhausted faces of those who had faced the walk before us. Due to the bad weather the days before, we were lucky enough not to have to set up the tents. This treat also extended to not having to carry them for the first gruelling walk.

We started off, spirits high, heads up and voices loud (which we were later warned have could cost us the expedition). So, after quietening down we found our way in a maze of fields, sticking to the edges of them like a lost heard of sheep. Stumped, we appeared to be losing our way and will power. We were hopelessly lost, or so we thought; 200m away and 30 minutes later we found our way back to civilisation. And from there we were plainsailing, soaring back to camp.

We got back to camp, and within 30 minutes everybody was eating the dinner they prepared for themselves. Not soon after all the pots and pans had been cleaned away, everybody was in their tents getting ready for bed as another 10 mile walk was ahead of them the next day


Sunday was an early rise. As we came round, the realisation of the longer walk awaiting everyone brought many groans around the camp.  As all the tents unzipped and breakfast was had, Waddecar came to life.  Soon enough, everyone had packed up their things, shoved it in their rucksack and began taking their tents down, and by 8.30am, near enough everyone had their tents down and packed.  By 8.40am, the first group had set off on the expedition and everyone was soon to follow.  The walk, we thought was very scenic, however hard to navigate, as we had to keep checking where we were quite often, but we soon got our bearings, and finished the walk.  The general consensus of the walk from the groups was that it was extremely tiring, muddy beyond belief, but, we did it!