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10th July 2017

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

This year 76 year 9 students took on the challenge of completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students have been attending weekly meetings since February to develop camp craft and navigational skills. These were put to the test this weekend when they undertook their training expedition in Scorton. Over the course of the weekend students had to work as a team to navigate between checkpoints, cook their own tea and set up their own camp. The Award is designed to be challenging  and many students found this to be the case as they walked over 20km through the beautiful Lancashire countryside. Hopefully, when students look back on the experience, they will be as proud of themselves as we are of them. They have learnt many lessons over the course of the weekend which will help them in their assessment in September. Well done to all involved and remember – “Of course it’s hard, it’s supposed to be hard. If was easy everyone would do it, hard is what makes it great!”

Thank you so much to the 18 members of staff who gave up time with friends and family to support students through the Award.