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30th March 2017

Outward Bound Association Charity Dinner

On Saturday the 25th March four Year 9 boys who attended a 5 day Outward Bound course in Wales spoke at the Outward Bound Association charity dinner at the Marriot Hotel Preston.

The prestigious event was to raise money to send students from across Lancashire on Outward Bound courses. The boys gave an overview of their experiences of the course, adding humorous anecdotes of the week’s events. They were then followed by the BBC Apprentice star, Lauren Riley who did a question and answer session about developing a successful business and having aspiration.

The event, attended by 120 guests, was a real success and despite their nerves the boys’ presentation was “word for word perfect” in the words of one guest and “the highlight of the evening” for several others.

The students who attend the Outward Bound course raised £97 to donate back to the Outward Bound Association and the event itself raised over £7,000.

A summary of the boys experiences can be seen in the film below.