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5th December 2016

Geographic Information Systems Week

gis-week1International GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Week was in mid-November. To raise awareness of this and help develop geographical skills, the Geography department hosted a range of activities for Year 8 and 9 students.

Crime mapping

Some Year 9 pupils mapped crime in the local area using police records and interactive maps and then made decisions on the best strategies for crime prevention.

International mapping event

Our Year 9s also took part in an international mapping event to assess their understanding and awareness of climate change. This data can now be used to look at trends across the world in terms of awareness and understanding of climate change in young people.

Volcano eruption

Finally our Year 8s looked at the risks posed by super volcanoes using layered maps to score levels of risk. They then looked at  data from schools across the world to evaluate why some areas were more at risk than others. As part of this they also took part in a volcano making competition. The standard of volcanoes this year was excellent and included a range of materials such as cake, paper mache and even L.E.D lights!

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